v. (first public release)

Hi there, pixel art people!

We're launching early access finally.

WARNING: It's not even close to production-ready usable tool. It's buggy and incomplete yet cheap. Buy it only if you want to try vector-based approach and help us to improve our editor.

It contains short readme and can be used to draw some basic graphics. Currently editor lacks of many essential tools, but we're developing it at urge and will make weekly updates. Tell us what you expecting to be made first - we'll do our best!

And to make things bit more interesting:

  • First buyer will get into our future "Hall of Fame" as "First buyer" (including name / nick, avatar picture and any short quote)
  • First 10 will get to "In first 10" with the same features
  • First 100 as well, to "In first 100" with the same features

Don't miss an opportunity to inscribe yourself forever into Odanako!'s history.

Get Odanako! | オダナコ!

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Oh, the basic concept for this tool is really nice! :D

I use Affinity Designer and it does have a 'pixel helper', but it's way different than this!

Besides helping with pixel art, I can totally see this as a helper tool when working with font design (specially with pixel hinting).

Great job there! :)

P.s.: out of curiosity, are you developing it in Haxe? :D Nice job there! It's really motivating to see projects made with it, since I really want to get deving in it.

Hey, thanks for your purchase and for your kind words!

I'm coding on Haxe since, maybe, 2008. So I'm not newcomer in technology. Moreover, our team (which exists since 2008) moved to Haxe / OpenFL from Flash / ActionScript. Yes, it's lots of experience in the past. Thus we finally decided to put it in something big.

Our final goal with Odanako! is a tool which will allow to create and then edit lots of pixel art in shortest terms. Moreover - huge animated and isometric scenes for games. This editor started as some internal tool in 2013. We've shown some WIP GIFs and seen surprisingly big interest from artists last autumn. So we decided to make it public and develop for everyone who wants to use it.

We have professional artist, Nata, in the team. She's having 15+ years of overall experience, including drawing, painting, vector graphics design, font work and calligraphy. You can be sure: we will implement best out of these in our editor. It will be tool by artist for artists in first place.

And as long as our main goal is pixel art, we know that people may want to use editor for something we don't even thought about. So I will provide good language-agnostic API for plugins. Yup, plugins for Odanako! can be made in (almost) any programming language and will have access to almost every aspect of editor. I will tell on this more when will present API to public.

Don't hesitate to contact me on Haxe topics - I'm always glad to share my knowledge.