v. (Weekly)


  • Copy (Ctrl + C), cut (Ctrl + X) and paste (Ctrl + V) of selected object
  • Vertical (Shift + V) and horizontal (Shift + H) mirror flip of selected object


  • Curve handles now scales properly with document


  • Multiline handles now moves simultaneously while drawing (hold Alt to switch off)


odanako-win32-alpha.zip 5 MB
Version Feb 24, 2018
odanako-linux32-alpha.zip 8 MB
Version Feb 24, 2018

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The software will have something like a demo in the future?

We didn't thought of it yet. But I don't see much problem here. Only thing: we can make demo / restricted version only after beta release, not ealier. Plans for beta are: end of april / may 2018.

ah ok,thanks for the info