v. (first Linux release)

At first, let me say my "wow!" It was an incredible start for us on Itch.io, thanks to you all who had supported us. I will keep my promises and list every early supporter in Odanako!'s credits.

Now, to weekly update. Builds 2325 and 2326.

Let me start from the second. It's first Linux (32 bit) build. Just the same as win32 build inside. I did not tested it thoroughly, so let me know if there's any problem on your distribution with it.

And as for build


  • Alpha channel editing for selected object. Both stroke & fill, minimum alpha is 1% at the moment due to some internal limitations.


  • Both palette colors (stroke & fill)) now changes to selected object colors
  • Overlapped objects are selected & dragged now properly
  • Curve handles are hiding now on tool change from Node tool to any other tool

Don't hesitate to tell us which features you expecting to be implemented in first place. We will change our priorities then.


odanako-win32-alpha.zip 5 MB
Version Feb 17, 2018
odanako-linux32-alpha.zip 8 MB
Version Feb 17, 2018

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