We're back again! Sorry for delays, people.

Hope it's great news for everyone: we've tweaked our build system a little and now we will provide x64 builds both for Windows and Linux. As well as experimental MacOS X build (64 bit only) Let us know if something doesn't work for you, we'll fix it.

32 bit Windows build still works on Windows XP and will be in the future as we're not going to abandon this outdated but still great OS. Maybe it even will work on ancient NT4 or 9x, we'll check just for fun soon.

Changelog of current version:


  • Pixel grid on scales >5x (toggled by G key)
  • Preview panel (only 1x scale at the moment)


  • Some minor internal bugs in code


odanako-win32-alpha.zip 5 MB
Version May 15, 2018
odanako-win64-alpha.zip 5 MB
Version May 15, 2018
odanako-linux32-alpha.zip 8 MB
Version May 15, 2018
odanako-linux64-alpha.zip 8 MB
Version May 15, 2018
Odanako.pkg 6 MB
Version May 15, 2018

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