On the plans

Well, let's talk about plans.

What we are doing now and when it will be ready?

We want to make Odanako! available for testing as early as possible. So, we're going to launch early access still in the alpha version. First of all, to catch all bugs and inconveniences when it's still easy to fix it.

The required minimum of functions for launch seems to me like:

  • Basic tools (line, Bezier, rectangle, ellipse, fill)
  • Saving and loading files
  • undo / redo
  • Basic palette

Much of this has already been implemented and we really want to launch this December.

Now about money: of course, we want money. But we are not greedy beef, so the price will always be really low. Editor will be paid, most likely, from the very first public alpha. Symbolically paid (something like price of two mugs of dark beer, which we love in the team). The price will gradually grow as features grows, so buying early will be an investment too. However, we are still thinking about the monetization strategy and, of course, we will ask your opinion on this!

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